Cowboys, Creatures, & Calico

What better way to spend Halloween than with some handsome cowboys and feisty heroines who are determined to fall in love despite their supernatural powers—or lack thereof? Halloween’s a good time to take a chance on love—and to see what these Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 2 stories might reveal to the unsuspecting reader: YOU!

“Spellbound” by Cheryl Pierson
Can Brett and Angie overcome insurmountable evil to find the love that has left them Spellbound?

“Hunter and Lily Graham” by C. Marie Bowen
Bounty hunter and riverboat gambler Hunter would need his unusual skills to find a missing child. The beautiful Lily Graham was another problem, entirely.

“Have Wand — Will Travel” by Jacquie Rogers
When her grandfather is ensorcelled and Beavers of Extaordinary Size threaten the ranch, Nora resorts to hiring a mage, Tremaine Ramsey. But are they playing into the evil Gharth’s hands? Can the magic of love prevail?

“For Love of a Brystile Witch” by Kaye Spencer
A witch. A curse. Two destinies entwined. Only love between sworn enemies will break the spell.

“The Crow and the Coyote” by Kristy McCaffrey
Among the red-rock canyons of the Navajo, bounty hunter Jack Boggs aids Hannah Dobbin in a quest to save her pa’s soul.

“Family Tradition” by Kathleen Rice Adams
A failed bank robber and a phony psychic find their soulmates after she accidentally summons a pair of dishonest-to-goodness ghosts.


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A failed bank robber and a phony psychic find their soulmates after she accidentally summons a pair of dishonest-to-goodness ghosts.

“Family Tradition”

Swiping the air to dissipate the dust, Tombstone Hawkins focused a glare on the backs of three riders hightailing it south. Now if that didn’t beat all. Robbed at gunpoint for six dollars and eight-five cents.

Helluva thing when a man couldn’t trust his own gang.

“Enjoy the wealth, you sorry sons of—” Yelling wouldn’t do any good, but it made him feel better.

Stone hiked his saddle onto a shoulder. Even Jack had galloped off with the ungrateful cusses. Damn fickle cayuse. Good riddance.

Now what? He couldn’t very well rob a bank all by his lonesome. His brother had tried, and look what happened to him: Married up with some banker lady and wearing a tin star.

Disgusted disbelief shook loose a grunt. “Never thought I’d see a Hawkins sink that low.” True, his relatives didn’t have the most impressive reputation along the Outlaw Trail—in fact, they’d been asked to take another road more than once—but a lawman in the family was downright humiliating.

If Pop hadn’t gone over the jump a few years back, the news would’ve sent him heading for the Pearly Gates on a fast horse.

The wind kicked up, shoving mean-looking clouds across the sky. The wheezing bray of a calliope wove through the gusts. Shameful waste of a traveling show. The off-key racket would have made the perfect cover for dynamiting a safe. Even if the robbery had conformed to the Hawkins tradition of spectacular failure, he might at least have outlawed his way into a jail cell.

What good was a name like Tombstone if the moniker never showed up on a wanted poster?

A grumble built in Stone’s throat. “I hope y’all boys are satisfied.”

Maybe he could use the traveling show in another way. Without a horse, he wouldn’t get far on the single silver dollar stashed in his boot. Hiding out among the freaks, fire eaters, and snake tamers while he calculated his next move didn’t seem such a bad idea. With luck, he could charm his way into a lonely woman’s bed. Wouldn’t be the first time.

This time, though, he wouldn’t cast so much as a glance at the bearded lady.

Forcing frustration from his lungs on a long exhale, he trudged toward the nerve-shredding blare of the steam organ. He’d almost reached a tent sitting apart from the show when an enormous crack of thunder shook the ground. The sky split, spilling an energetic deluge fit to strangle a herd of frogs. Within minutes, Stone was drenched to the skin and shivering.

Some days a man couldn’t lasso a break if it stood still and begged.

A sandwich board outside the red-and-white canvas snared his attention.

Madame Minerva

Psychic Medium

The Spirits Know Your Future

Fortuneteller, huh? Despite the chill, Stone grinned. Might be a hot-blooded gypsy in his future.

He ducked inside the tent.


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