A heart-pounding story of love and redemption

Prodigal GunProdigal Gun is both an exciting, action-packed Western and a poignant, romantic tale of the power of love to heal the wounds of the past and bring hope to even the most scarred soul.

Kind as he was, the man Jessie Caine married years earlier was not the man who held her heart. Now a young widow with a headstrong teenaged daughter, Jessie finds herself confronting the pain and the loss of the past. The lover she’d thought dead for more than a decade has suddenly reappeared, critically wounded, in real danger of dying literally at her doorstep. She is, in more ways than one, the very last hope for Mason Caine, AKA notorious gunslinger Calhoun. And Mason’s troubled past will not easily release him.

Dramatic, heartfelt, passionate, and written with a truly authentic sense of time and place – post-Civil War Texas – as well as fully-fleshed, appealing characters, Kathleen Rice Adams’ pulse-pounding, gripping Western romance will grab readers on the very first page and keep them riveted until the last. A wonderful story!

Five stars