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A prodigal returns

Prodigal GunProdigal Gun is a wonderful love story, yes, but it’s also a gripping, vivid Western that would make any classic western author proud. The story grabs the reader from the very beginning, and doesn’t let go. Ms. Adams has a way with words and phrases that is unique and priceless, painting a picture in the mind of the reader, while allowing the readers to learn about Mason as she moves along with the action.

She has a gift for writing, and just as important, she knows Texas history and how to use it for worthwhile novels.

The female lead, Jessie, is perfect for Mason, both tough on the outside, but all woman on the inside. Jessie won me over right away. She doesn’t give up.

I admit Will broke my heart a little, for his unfulfilled life. However, he played a big part in the story that the reader will see unfold.

Mason has a rough veneer, a seemingly cold heart, but wait until you read the scenes between him and Jessie.

Five Stars