–Scarlett Penn

Two thumbs up for this exceptional debut novel

Prodigal GunProdigal Gun is more than a great love story. It’s also a thrilling Western written in the classic style. (I swear Zane Grey must be the author’s muse). Ms. Adams deft use of language paints pictures in the reader’s mind and brings her characters to life in all their flawed glory. The hero, Mason Caine (aka Calhoun) is an outlaw–quite literally–but he’s got enough humanity left to salvage, and Jessie, the spunky heroine, is up to the challenge. Sparks fly whenever the two of them are together. I found myself wanting to knock their hard heads together before they finally found their HEA. I loved the historical underpinning to the plot, which hinges on Mason’s involvement as a hired gun in a Texas range war. The love story between Mason and Jessie is the heartbeat of this book, but it’s part of a larger, fascinating story, complete with fully fleshed out secondary characters. Even if you don’t read Westerns, if you’ve ever thought about trying one, this may be just the book to convert you! I give Prodigal gun two thumbs up.

Five stars