Jessie and a gunslinger named Calhoun

Prodigal GunThis isn’t a “cowboy” type, this is powerful romantic western with a lot of suspense, mystery and roller coaster rides. I loved it and it was very well written. I was laughing, crying, holding my breath and my heart and loved the twist and turns it had in it.

The details in it made it so real you could smell the lavender and hear the mockingbirds. You could also cringe at the fear that a few of the characters threw at you and also feel the love the emotion that others had to share.

This would make a beautiful exciting movie that would have you on the end of your seat with a box of tissues by your side.
Jessie is a strong beautiful woman that has held the love in her heart for a man that has been dead for 16 years, or has he? She is trying to hold a ranch together in a man’s world with a heart that aches from memories of a past love.

Calhoun, a gunslinger, with cold eyes and heart from the war and all the killing that happened. His heart isn’t dead though, he had left that with a woman years ago . Will it still be safe or is he to hard and cold to ever know the smell of lavender and the sound of mockingbirds again.

Will fate return their heart back to them or will they be gone forever in The Prodigal Gun?

Five stars